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Pulling More From Your Well

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Many of us spend considerable amount of time buying the "right" clothes, choosing the best hair style, dieting and exercising. But while we busy ourselves with aesthetics, we might regrettably be placing more focus on our shortcomings, instead of on our natural, abundant shine. So, instead of trying to fix what's wrong with us, why not improve on our natural glitter?

Cleaning out my garage, I came upon some of my daughter’s college textbooks. Amanda majored in psychology at Loyola Marymount University. LMU is a private and religious institution. So, Amanda dove deep into religion, philosophy and psychology. One of her textbooks proved to be a goldmine for me. And I hope you, the reader, can pull something from this as well.

The book, titled ‘Strength Finder’, is a great find indeed. It’s actually more like cliff notes that take you to an on-line assessment test. The author encourages readers to figure out what’s already right with them, and to embrace and harness their embedded talents.

The guide takes you through an exercise test to find out which of the 34 most common talents match you. Allow me to share just a slice of the book with you. For now, let’s just simply look at its philosophy. Here’s how the book starts:

“We (a group of scientists) were tired of living in a world that revolved around fixing our weaknesses. Society’s relentless focus on people’s shortcomings had turned into a global obsession.” The author also points out something you may already know: people have several times more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their deficiencies.

Feeling inspired, I decided to peek at my natural strengths and talents. I learned that I fall under at least three of the 34 categories: BELIEF, COMMUNICATION, EMPATHY. The book provides bullet point definitions and tips on how to maximize and harness your natural talents and strengths. So, for example, being a Communicator, I learned the following: You like to explain, to describe, to host, to speak in public. You will always do well in jobs that require you to capture people’s attention. Keep getting smarter about the words you use. They are a critical currency. And because you’re so great, others like inviting you to social gatherings, dinners or events.

The above is just one of the categories I fall under. Learning this got me really excited about being ME. So why not turn up the volume on the best of me, and mute any self doubt or speech that deflates my spirit?

I suggest that you, the reader, take a deeper look inside your water well. You might find a pail, full of natural gifts and talents. I encourage you to tap this water source. You're sure to find not just one, but several areas of strength.

The aforementioned guide is actually a sub-clip of a management book titled, Now, Discover your Strengths. So, if manager-types have access to this information, why can’t non-management persons also benefit from the philosophy and strategies of strengthening ourselves?

Look inside your well and fill your bucket with the best of you. And splash it onto life, over and over again. Do this with conviction. Forget about the self-doubt that's been gurgling in your mind. Own and celebrate YOU!

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I sometimes find it difficult to pull from the well. The pale gets heavy and I get frustrated. But maybe I’m pulling from someone else’s well and not my own..

Occasionally my strength (ambition) collides with my weakness (impatience), and I find myself with clouded vision. That is exactly what happened last night, until a special person sent me this piece. After re-reading this morning, the message remains clear and true: when one is lost, focus on what you’re good at. Embrace it, run with it, and forge the path most natural to you. Instead of casting shade on our weaknesses, we should be illuminating our strengths. Sailing with the wind, not against.

As for you Ms. Ordaz, your strengths…

Rosa Valle-Lopez
Rosa Valle-Lopez
Apr 08, 2021
Replying to

I am honored to know that my words evoke positivity and embolden your walk. Thank you for your reflective and thoughtful feedback. May your well remain full.

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