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Red Box Moment

My friend Darci, a single mom just peering out from the rubble of a divorce, came home after a long day at work. She opened her refrigerator and dreaded its emptiness, Ugh, we're out of food. She grabbed her purse and keys and drove to nearby Albertsons.

As Darci entered the market, she looked to her left and caught sight of RED BOX, the giant movie vending machine, coated in candy-apple red. Yes, this was back in the day, before Netflix. Darci welcomed the distraction. She scanned the movie titles and snatched a DVD of a romantic comedy. After renting the movie, she simply walked out of the market and hopped back in her car, excited about watching the movie, and completely forgetting about grocery shopping. She RED-BOXed her responsibilities, and dusted off her obligations.

I laughed when Darci told me the story...and envied her. How many times do we get so bogged down, so weighed down by the long list of obligations, the never-ever quenched thirst of the to-do list? I want to invite you all to join the RED BOX revolution. Every so often, when life has met you at a block wall, when you can barely move a step further, STOP! Grab that Red Box (whether be a movie, a foodie meal, a glass of wine, a bike ride, a dance-in-front-of-the-mirror, a roller-coaster scream) and turn away from your MUST-Do list. Hop back into your car and just drive to a happy, freeing moment! But keep it healthy, of course.

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