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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Monday morning, I woke from a frustrating dream. You know that familiar dream in which you’re trying to get to a destination, but simply can’t? The very next day, I had a similar dream, in which again, as much as I tried I could not get from point A to point B.

My daughter, Amanda, likes trying to interpret dreams. I’ve seen her google ‘meaning of dreams’. After my second frustrating dream, I had a few minutes to spare, so I searched “what does it mean when you dream you can’t get someplace”. The results were plenty, poignant and generous. I clicked on an article that explained 50 types of dreams. Interpretations of my destination-blocking dreams varied. But the most consistent was this: when you are delayed in your dream, you may be unconsciously putting obstacles in your way, in waking life. In other words, YOU are blocking YOU.

Playing along, I tried to apply the meaning of this dream to my real waking life. There are at least three areas in my life which rang true to this dream interpretation. I diagnosed that I'm the one, who is creating obstacles, blocking some of my goals and objectives. I stretched my thinking and observed that perhaps many of us are the culprits in this recurring, self-blocking practice. We stall, we block, we detour.

This observation can lend itself to helping us nudge out some truths that may lay dormant in our waking life. What are the obstacles we create? Why are we creating them? Can’t we simply swipe them away and refocus? Why not stay on the road and follow the clear dotted lines on the path to our goals and destination? Perhaps we can learn a little from my frustrating dream. Stop the sleep-walking and do some real life walking. Let's stride with determination toward our real, BIG dreams.

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